Hockey Brandon is pleased to announce that Tru Skills will be back on the ice for an August Camp to get you ready for the fall season!


WHEN: August 23 – 27th, 2021


WHERE: Flynn Arena




U9 – 4pm – 4:50pm

U11 – 5pm – 5:50pm

U13/U15 – 6pm – 6:50pm



COST: $150.00

This camp is limited to 20-24 players per session.


Mail or *E-mail your registration form along with payment to:



Attn: Development Camp

Unit E – 315 College Ave.

Brandon, Mb

R7A 3A7



*E-Mail – if emailing in your registration be sure to call in with a credit card to secure a spot

August Camp Registration Form

Hip Mobility & Strengthening –

Bonus Video from Chelsea –




A few words from Tyler:
Today’s final 2 minute drill is simple!
This game development throughout this series is important, but let’s remember why we play hockey, it’s for the love of the game, and spending time with our friends!
Always remember why we play!!!
I want to thank Brady Shields and Ryan Shields for their help in helping make these videos! Their hard work made is possible!
I also would like to thank Hockey Brandon providing the resources necessary to get this done!
That’s the Final 2 Minute Drill!
















In response to an overwhelming amount of feedback regarding the survey sent to members, Hockey Brandon created the attached document to answer some common questions being asked about their Registration Fee.  Please take the time to review the information provided.

Hockey Brandon Refund FAQs

Please note that the refunds for the Skills & Development Program, Goaltending Program and Team Fees are separate and will be another part of the refunds.

Given the current restrictions that remain in place for community sport organizations, Hockey Brandon appreciates that members might be interested in getting a refund on their player’s registration fees.

The chart below, provides you with an approximate and average percentage value in the amount that you would receive as a refund at this point.  If you choose to move forward with a refund, the player will be removed from the team roster permanently for the 2020-2021 season.

Please note that in some divisions, refunds may be slightly higher or lower depending on the number of ice times used before Code Red took affect in November.  Some divisions are also excluded for a variety of reasons.  If your players fall into that category, please reach out to Hockey Brandon directly.

Hockey Brandon Website Copy – Refund Amounts Updated

Hockey Brandon would like to share the articles below, that were part of a 11 part series on the 2004 Brandon’s U18 AAA National Champions by Perry Bergson of the Brandon Sun

What makes this team unique is that there were no expectations of them to do well, they knew they could compete but had no idea of how far they would go.  With good coaching and a team that all got along they were able to do what no other Manitoba team had ever done up until then.

We, at Hockey Brandon are proud to have some of these guys helping out the next generation of skaters with Tyler Dittmer, Tyler Plante and Ryan White through our Development Programs.

As a parent who followed this journey it was unique coming onto a team with the 3 different age group of parents.  It didn’t take long before we soon became a group of parents who strongly believed in this team.   I will give allot of credit to Steve and Sandy Waters for being the driving force.  They made sure we all had some kind of noise maker in hand for every game, which soon gave us the reputation of being the loudest fans in Manitoba!….Neil Roy was a dedicated fan who would bring his drums, when we lost a game at Regionals in Regina we called up Neil and he was soon in his car and made it to that last game.  Although he wasn’t able to make it to Kenora, he did send his drums!…this is just an inside story but I wanted to share because it also brought us closer as a parent group.

U18 Part 1 Dec 21 2020

U18 Part 2 Dec 22 2020

U18 Part 3 Dec 23 2020 pg1

U18 Part 3 Dec 23 2020 pg2

U18 Part 4 Dec 24 2020

U18 Part 5 Dec 26 2020 pg2

U18 Part 5 Dec 26 2020 pg3

U18 Part 6 Dec 29 2020 pg2

U18 Part 6 Dec 29 2020 pg3

U18 Part 7 Dec 30 2020 pg1

U18 Part 7 Dec 30 2020 pg2

U18 Part 8 Dec 31 2020 pg1

U18 Part 8 Dec 31 2020 pg2

U18 Part 9 Jan 2 2021 pg1

U18 Part 9 Jan 2 2021 pg2

U18 Part 10 Jan 4 2021 pg1

U18 Part 10 Jan 4 2021 pg2

U18 Part 11 Jan 5 2021 pg1

U18 Part 11 Jan 5 2021 pg2